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This fantastic Rugby simulator is available on our mobile Mult-Sports platform and offers 42 International Stadia including Irelands Aviva Stadium (or Landsdowne Road to all ye olde schoolers), Munsters thomand Park, and even Belfasts Raven Hill - all of which are fully brandable - have a quick look at our video and gallery below to see how that works.

Ways to Play

The games are rapid fire, kicking games so your guests, clients or passing footfall can kick a penalty in Thomond to beat Leinster or make the winning conversion to beat England in Twickenham.


Other games include the Crossbar Challenge, The Post Scorer, or you can even practice your drop-kicks to recreate O'Gara's in Wales Millenium Stadium.

ISS 2016 4
Eden Park 3
Aviva Conversions NZ
Aviva Conversions NZ 2
All Blacks Aviva
Aviva Conversions NZ (1)
Twickenham England
Millenium Stadium3
Thomand 2
Thomand KICK!
Thomand 4

Branding Options

Marketers and Event Managers know that it’s all about making an impression,and we can help make a good impression on your guests/clients/prospective customers/target market with some on screen, and on housing branding options.


From pitch-side advertising hoardings, right through to the frame of the simulator itself, we have a wide range of options available. Have a look at our pics to see some examples.

Guinness 6 Nations
Guinness 6 Nations
Guinness 6 Nations
Guinness 6 Nations
Guinness 6 Nations
Guinness 6 Nations

How Much Space Do I need?

Our mobile simulators are not gigantic, but they do require a decent amount of space for set-up.


This simulator requires a space with a bare minimum 10ft height & 16ft of width clearance to set up in, and at least 16ft unobstructed depth to allow for the machine itself and so the players can take a run at the ball.

Have a look at the video below to see how it is set up.

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