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Are you looking for something high-octane for your next event? If so, then this is definitely for you. Our single seater, triple screen racing simulator is available for hire now. 


Truly an immersive experience this simulator is nvidia geforce powered full HD, with surround sound, and a force feedback steering wheel. 

You can practically smell the petrol.

Ways to Play

The the wide range of games and tracks mean you can choose from Formula 1, World Rally Championship,Touring Cars, and Super Cars. If it has four wheels and goes fast...we have it.  

From full races to time trials, derby's to dirt-tracks, We even have the famous Top Gear time trial track - there are enough games and options to keep crowds  of people occupied for hours on end. It will be getting them to go home that will be the hard part.

Formula 1 2016
Alpha Sim Still 1
Dirt Rally
Alpha SIm Still 3
Alpha Still 2
Project Cars 2
Eurotruck Simultor
Assetto Corsa

The Next Level...

If playing on 3 HD screens makes you feel like a Neanderthal, we also have the Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Headset available, and it works seamlessly with the simulator to provide a full 360° experience. If you haven't had a chance to experience next generation VR yet, you need to talk to us today. 

Forget simulation, this is as real as it gets.

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