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Possibly the most popular sport in the world and for many almost an obsession, Football has a mass appeal unlike almost any other game, making our Football Simulator a superb choice for a wide range of events, such as product launches or company social events like Christmas parties.


With 180 stadia from around the world to choose from, you can bring the likes of Old Trafford, Anfield or The Nou Camp to your event.

Ways to Play

There are 7 games on our Football Simulator, including Penalty and Free Kick modes, as well as Cross Bar Challenge and the points based Goal Scorer Challenge.


The most impressive aspect of this simulator is the sheer number of international stadid to choose from, from every major football nation in the world.

Lille SS
BMW Targets Stade Francais
Wembly Free Kick
Wembley Points
Wembley Holes

Branding Options

Marketers and Event Managers know that it’s all about making an impression,and we can help make a good impression on your guests/clients/prospective customers/target market with some on screen, and on housing branding options.


From pitch-side advertising hoardings, right through to the frame of the simulator itself, we have a wide range of options available. Have a browse of our gallery to see how it works.

Facebook Parc de Princes 3

How Much Space Do I need?

Our mobile simulators are not gigantic, but they do require a decent amount of space for set-up.


This simulator requires a space with a bare minimum 10ft height & 16ft of width clearance to set up in, and at least 16ft unobstructed depth to allow for the machine itself and so the players can take a run at the ball.

Have a look at the video below to see how it is set up.

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