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UNEEKOR​ Launch Monitors



With UNEEKOR Golf Simulation technology you gain confidence in every swing with the power of authenticated precision.

The EYE XO redefines the limits and pushes the boundaries of indoor golf launch monitor systems. Some said it couldn't be done, so we took on the challenge. The result became the most precise, responsive, and accurate launch monitor technology available to the world. Packed with first-time features like video replay of ball impact to club-face, and patented non-marked ball technology driven by our the powerful View software, years of iterations and obsession have brought the ultimate golf launch monitor system.



Golf Simulation with
Cutting Edge Technology

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Overhead type, super speed camera-based golf launch monitor. Can also be integrated with E6, TCG, & Creative Golf software.

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Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course

Multiple Software 


The EYEXO has two propreitary software options - VIEW which is a training platform with so you can view the data from each swing in real time and SUCCEED which includes course play and additional game modes such as Driving Range, Short game Complexes and some novelty games which are perfect for entertaining. Scroll the slideshow below to see some screenshots.

It is also possible to use 3rd party software packages such as e6 Connect or the extremely popular TGC (The Golf Club) systems and Creative Golf.  

Ultimately the software that is best for you depends on your set-up and what you plan to use your simulator for, so the best thing to do is book a demonstration with us, so you can show you your options.

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EYEKO Launch Monitor is developed for your goals and ambition.

Here is why:


EYE non-marking bait technology allows you to play, practice and train with any ball you choose.


EYEXO is all inclusive for the most accurate club data measured in real time.

The core of the non-marking ball technology enhances reality and accuracy for indoor golf simulation. With the non-marking ball technology at work, you are many steps closer to a more realistic golf environment. 

Whether you'd like to work on hitting longer drives, more accurate iron shorts, better putts or everything together, a precise and speedy launch monitor can help you make it a reality. With precise ball analytics and a full range of club data you can make calculated decisions and educated adjustments for speedy and steady improvement 


The QED as a system is fairly straight forward to install, so if you  want to install it yourself these are the 'in the box' prices.


Upon purchase we will provide you with a number of other documents to cover networks settings and game installation etc, and as we pride ourselves on a quality after sales service if you run into any problems you can give us a call!

Alternatively, if you would rather we install the system for you, just get in touch to discuss installation fees which will vary based on your location.


The QED Uneekor is a 'fixed' system, meaning it is typically permanently installed in one place. As such, you will need an impact screen, and most likely want some sort of enclosure to create the perfect space for it.

We have a range of enclosure options available for residential and commercial set ups,. For a quick broad-stroke of the enclosure options you can read this or check out our sim builder below.


Our systems are extremely versatile and customisable, so as always if you want to get a real feel for what's possible book a demo with us and we will help you figure it out.

QED Schematic Squared
EYE XO Install Schematic Squared
QED with 4.5m SimCube

If you want to order a full QED simulator set up, our package builder page will allow you to pick the options that suit your needs. 

Would you like to know more?

Request a demo

**By appointment only
Please don't arrive at the demo centre without an appointment - we might be out on an installation or at an event! If you give us a few basic details and let us know when suits you best for a visit, we will be back to you with some appointment options.

Email us  at or give us a call on 01 582 6935.

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