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TruFlight 2 features the latest technology from TruGolf – allowing users to play every shot like they would on the course.


This 3 Camera system captures both Club and Ball Data for a comprehensive analysis of player performance. By capturing Club and Ball Data simultaneously, TruGolf's proprietary ball flight engine allows users to shape their shots just like they would outdoors.

Based out of Utah in the United States TruGolf Inc have been developing golf related technologies since 1983. The Team originally worked together under the Access Software brand and started out developing golf video games including the extremely popular Leaderboard series, Microsoft Golf as well as the Links series of games.

For the past two years, their engineers have worked with business owners, home owners, and PGA Professionals to develop a new overhead Launch Monitor.


The result of this unique partnership is TruFlight 2, a high-speed camera system that captures Club Head and Ball data simultaneously at 3200 FPS.


This Launch Monitor was designed specifically for indoor use and removes all hardware from the floor, making TruFlight 2 ideal for commercial locations.



The TruGolf  Truflight 2 is a 'fixed' system, meaning it is typically permanently installed in one place.


As such, you will need an impact screen, and most likely want some sort of enclosure to create the perfect space for it.

We have a range of enclosure options available for residential and commercial set ups,. For a quick broad-stroke of the enclosure options you can read this.

Our systems are extremely versatile and customisable, so as always if you want to get a real feel for what's possible book a demo with us and we will help you figure it out.

4.5m SimCube set up with Truflight 2
4.5m custom installed TruGolf Simulator
3m SimCube with False Floor
Deluxe Bespoke Commercial installation
Tight Space 3m Install with false floor.
3m Simulator with Huxley False flooring
Commercial  Double Bay Installation

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