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With the SALTED Insoles patented pressure sensor technology, a user’s gait pattern, bodyweight, balance, foot pressure, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.

When paired via Bluetooth with the SALTED Golf app on your smartphone or tablet, the result is an intelligent personalized golf coaching solution that will help improve your game.

By analyzing weight shift during a swing and providing accurate data feedback, the SALTED Smart Insole improves posture and explains the optimal personal swing balance.

Exclusively available in Ireland through, this is going to be one of the hottest new wearable tech golf gadgets this year and next.


Watch the video to find out more.

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How to Use SALTED Golf

Connect Via Bluetooth.png

Connect to the SALTED Golf App using Bluetooth

The SALTED Smart Insole can be connected to the SALTED Golf App by Bluetooth. It helps find the optimal swing position through foot pressure analysis.

For Training.png

Use it for Training

Foot pressure and center of pressure (C.O.P.) measurements are available in real time for checking swing balance and posture.

For Coaching.png

Use it for Coaching

Teaching aids such as a drawing tool and audio recording are available to help keep track of each student’s progress.

Features & Functions

Golf Swing Target.png

Golf Swing Target

In the profile settings, the user can set a target for swing posture. The app then provides personal coaching to reach the posture target.

Recording and Management.png

Recording and Management

A drawing tool and audio recording option for video are available to add comments on the day’s practice.

Body Balance Feedback.png

Body Balance Feedback

If body weight in address position is imbalanced, the user will hear beeping noises and feel vibrations on the smart Insole until the posture improves.


Session Summary

At the end of a session, users will receive body balance assessment result and dashboard graphs on weight shifts.

Video Recording.png

Video Recording

With the video recording option, a swing motion can be divided into separate parts. This provides a more detailed review to help improve swing posture and allows more efficient practice of various golf drills.

Compaison Analysis.png

Comparison Analysis

The user can compare their shot to that of a professional golfer. They can also keep track of his progress over time and receive feedback.

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Thin, Light, And Comfy

The SALTED Insoles are manufactured using High-Quality EVA making them thin, light, and yet comfortable enough to wear all day.

Salted Insoles 2.png

Easy Magnetic Charging

You won't need to take the insoles out of your favourite golf shoes to charge them.



There is a cuttable margin around the soles so that you can trim them down to the perfect size for your shoes.


Waterproof & Sweatproof

The insoles are waterproof and dust-resistant (IP68-certified), so can be used even on rainy or snowy days. 


Get More from your SALTED Insoles

If Golf is not your only form of exercise you can use your insoles with the free SALTED Training app. 


Ideal for those who frequent the gym or partake of an early morning jog, this app comes with a range of Feedback and Improvement Strategies for a number of disciplines which are easily on a par with the golf app.

Just search up SALTED Training on your app store.

Salted Training.png


Analyzes running and gait posture using foot pressure data


The SALTED Golf insoles come in 5 Sizes; Extra Small to Extra Large, so this chart will help you choose the size you will need - click the image to zoom in.

Salted Size Chart Large on White.png

Buy Online Today

The SALTED Smart Insoles are now in stock and ready to ship, and shipping for this product is free in the Republic of Ireland.


Due to COVID 19 everything is a little slower than normal, but our current delivery times  for this product are 3-7 days approximately.

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