Uneekor QED Tracking System

The Uneekor QED Tracking system comes with its own training software called Ignite. Ignite software is data focused for when you want to dial in on some numbers in a practice session. The tracking system also integrates with E6 Connect, TGC2019 and Creative Golf software so you can really tailor this system to your software requirements.


There are two different QED software options to choose from. One is the basic Ignite Package, and the other is the Succeed package. You can find out a lot more about the QED system on our product page here.


We highly recommed that you try before you buy, so why don't you get in touch to arrange an appointment at our demo centre on the Belgard road to see it in action!


The QED is easy to install with just two cables (one to PC & one to power) it also has it's own built in calibration system which makes it the ultimate DIY tracking system. It also tracks for left/right handed players simultaneously and is positioned on the ceiling, behind the ball position so is in no danger of being hit.


What's in the Box?


  • QED Ceiling Mounted Dual Camera system

  • Ball Spin Data

  • Golf Club Data

  • QED Fitting Software

  • IGNITE or SUCCEED Software Package

  • 3rd Party Games Interface

  • Bracket Mount with fixings

  • Ethernet Lan Cable

  • Calibration Chart

  • 24 Marked Balls


Please note you need to used marked balls with this tracking system. Each system comes with two dozen marked balls. 


Please note: QED tracking devices are IP locked to their Country. Devices will only work in their purchased Country.

Uneekor QED Tracking System

PriceFrom €10,175.00
  • 1 QED Tracking System 

    Note the QED Tracking Device itself is I.P. Locked to the european region. 

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