The Net Return Putting Cup & Flag

If you want to complete your Net Return set-up so that it works as a 'full bag' training aid, installing a Putting Cup & Flag into your Turf is the way to go.


Some basic DIY tools are required to install it as you will cut a hole out of the turf, but the flag and cup can be easily removed, and the turf section slotted back into place so you are back to your fairway type set-up. 


Watch the videos for more information on how this works. Note that this instructional video uses The Net Return Pro Turf, and as such we know it can be cut out easily and re-inserted easily. If you are using different turf, make sure that it will cut in a similar fashion - some lower cost turf set ups with different backing might not work out the same way so be careful!

The Net Return Putting Cup & Flag

  • 1 Putting Cup and Flag insert for artificial turf

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