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Screens & Enclosures - A Quick Overview

So you’ve decided to install a golf simulator.

Whether it’s a garage, new man cave, office, golf club or commercial facility, we have options for everyone, but because there are a lot of options, you might be wondering what one is best suited for you, after all, once you have decided on your launch monitor or ball tracking device, this is probably the next most important decision.

There are 1000’s of DIY videos out there, some think it’s a matter of throwing one of the good bed sheets up onto the’s not. Well, certainly not if you want to have a good experience with the piece of tech you just forked out your hard earned cash for anyway.

Here we outline your main options, according to suitability & budget, that will ultimately determine the overall look and appearance of your investment.


This is the classic golf simulator look with side walls and roof, or containment ceiling to catch those high wedge shots or the dreaded skied drives! All of our screens come from Par2Pro and their SQ impact material is designed for high impact, durability and quality of on-screen image.

Each enclosure is custom fitted to your desired enclosure size. Generally speaking, the bigger the better, but as every room is different so are our Sim Enclosures.


3m (w) x 2.5m (h)

5m (w) x 3.25m (h)

Price: Expect to pay €2750 - €3750. Allow €500 for delivery & installation.

Ideal for: Commercial Installations/Golf Clubs.

Complete simulator with a raised false floor.

You can find the pricing options here.

5m SimCube enclosure


The new SQ Stealth screen is ideal for home users that may have the perfect room or garage for a simulator set-up, but have either an access door they need to use, or simply wish to minimise the space that a full enclosure may take up.

This is also a great option for driving range bays that wish to have open access to the range in the summer/warmer months, and an indoor golf studio in winter or at night.

Simply hit a button on the remote, attach at the bottom and hit away!

Size: 3m - 6m

Price: Expect to Pay €2,500 - €3,500. Allow €500 for delivery & installation.

Ideal for: Garages, driving range bays, or rooms with door access.

You can find this the stealth screen here.

Golf Simulator SQ Stealth Screen
SQ Stealth Screen Extended

SQ Stealth Screen Retracted

DIY SQ Screen & Trim Kit - €

This is a great option if you are looking to keep your costs down, but still want a great looking screen to complete the simulator look & feel.

Ideally you will have two side walls and a desired ceiling height to attach the screen to using the bungees and angle iron, so simply order your SQ Screen to room width and our custom built SQ Trim Kit and you will have a great looking, budget friendly, high impact hitting screen.

The room can be completed with side, rail curtains or acoustic foam pads to complete the look.

Size: 2.5m - 5m wide

Price: Expect to pay €1,200 - €2,000.

Ideal for: The DIY'er

You can see the broken down pricing for this here.

DIY  Golf Simulator SQ Screen & Trim Kit
DIY SQ Screen & Trim Kit Installation

Do you need more information?

Between launch monitor, software, and enclosure options, there are so many options when it comes to buying a golf simulator that it can seem a little daunting. We are THE experts on the island of Ireland when it comes to golf simulators, so the best thing to do is to pick up the phone and give us a call, or drop us a mail with any questions you may have.

Also, don't forget that we have a demo centre on the Belgard Road in Tallaght where you can see an installed Sim Cube and take a look at a range of different hardware and software options.

So Get in Touch and we'll talk to you soon!

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