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We have a range of other sports available on our multi-sports platform aside from Rugby, Football and GAA.

Aussie Rules 

Long before we exported our youth to Australia in massive numbers, we gave them a version of football that they would make their own. Although the actual link between Gaelic and Aussie rules remain unproven, in good old Irish fashion we are claiming it’s there and won’t be told otherwise. With 11 Aussie rules stadia on our mobile Multi-Sports platform, this can be a novel choice for any event, or thematic one for Australia Day parties!

American Football

Although the debate continues over whether the sport should be called football at all, the ball only being kicked about 4 times in the average 7 hour game, American Football has been increasing in popularity in Ireland over the last few years with people even holding Superbowl Sunday parties, or as they are called here 'Superbowl Really, Really Early on a Monday Morning' parties. This simulator offers 4 game modes in 11 famous stadiums, and is suitable for casual play, event entertainment and serious training!

Soccer Golf

If you fancy something different we have Soccer Golf available on our multi-sports platform. This game is slightly ridiculous which makes it a lot of fun, and would probably score highest on the laugh-o-metre if we actually used such a device. Originally invented to end the great corporate event planning schism of 2006, Foot Golf has been growing in popularity since the Dutch decriminalised it in 2008. I could explain how it works, but you have probably figured it out.

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