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If you are looking for a prefabricated golf simulator enclosure then one of our SimCubes might be perfect for you.

They are available as standard from 3m x 3m up to 5m x 3m, which in our experience covers the vast majority of home and commercial builds. If you do require something bigger, we can do it - so just get in touch for a chat and a tailored quote.


The SimCubes are built around framework poles which are quite easy to assemble . They are held in place with a series of clamps, and  the material and screen are then attached either via eyelets, bungees, and/or velcro depending on the exact configuration you are going for. 

We will include a PDF of assembly instructions with every order.

Each SimCube kit consists of:


Your choice of Impact Screen

Black sides/roof material

Protective side screen trims

New bottom tension system


Pole connections for the framework

Pole lagging for framework poles

SimCube Valance


SimCube Dimension Options


All SimCube Enclosures are made to order. All enclosure pricing (below) is based on up to 2.75m in depth. Please contact us if you require a deeper enclosure.


To complete the build of our SimCubes you will need the framework poles. These can be ordered with us or sourced locally and are 33.7mm galvanised steel tubes. On completion of your order we will advise you of the pole lengths you will need to purchase if you want to source them yourself.

UK Demo Center.jpg


Our SimCube product pages offer choices on the type of flooring you may want to finish your enclosure, or of course the option to select 'none required' if you plan on sourcing or building your own floor.

The three types of flooring that we offer are as follows:

TrueStrike Academy Mat & Turf

This is a two part set up with a thick, roll out turf section and a TrueStrike Academy Mat which reacts like grass when hit, allowing you to have a realistic practice  experience. One benefit of this set up is that the Truestrike Mat is easy to disassemble and you can roll up the turf, so if you need to use the floor space in your simulator room for other things from time to time, you can put this away.


Raised Floor with Putting Turf & Hitting Insert

A raised floor really finishes off a SimCube and makes the whole thing look very high end. We really need to get more exact dimensions and run through some options on this with you before you buy it, so again , it's always a good idea to pick up the phone before you buy. This tends to be the most popular option for permanent set-ups as it strikes the best balance between functionality, durability, aesthetic finishing, and cost.


Huxley Modular Flooring

This is the most expensive option for flooring, but if you know Huxley, you know why - their artificial golf turf is eerily realistic. This flooring adds superb craftsmanship to your simulator. Apart from being the most expensive option, it is also expensive to ship, due its weight.

SimCube Examples

If you have a browse through this gallery you will see some various sizes with different floor types and finishing techniques that might help you make some decisions on what you want for your set-up.

3 Metre SimCube with a raised floor
Raised floor before finishing - note the strike insert panel set into the floor
3m with Huxley False flooring
Double Bay 4.5m SimCubes with Truestrike Mats
4.5m SimCube with Raised Floor
Trackman Simulator with Raised Floor
Swing Room Clubhouse Installation
TruGolf Installation with Raised Floor
SkyTrak with turf on 3m SimCube installed in Bray G.C.
4.65m installation with false floor
4.5m x 3m SimCube with Trackman and raised floor

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Need some advice?

If you want to get some advice on your set up, you can give us a call on 01 582 6935, contact us via social media, email, or use the form on the Get in Touch page.

Whatever way you choose, we'll be glad to hear from you.

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