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The GC3 from Foresight Sports

The Personal Launch Monitor You've Been Waiting For

The Foresight Sports GC3 golf launch monitor delivers uncompromising accuracy and performance both outdoors and indoors, providing a superior simulation experience. 

Built using advanced photometric technology, the GC3 features a three-camera system that delivers performance data with industry-leading precision.

Thanks to its precise sub-millimetre measurement of the golf ball and club, the GC3 ensures accurate and reliable feedback both on the range and in your home simulator.

No other launch monitor technology compares to the GC when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight, making it the most accurate and versatile portable device at this price point.



Tour-Trusted Launch Monitor Technology

From the PGA Tour to the home simulator, the GC line of launch monitors is the most awarded, most trusted, and best selling professional-grade launch monitor line ever. When performance matters, the choice is easy — GC3. 


Precision inside — and out.

Three precision cameras for both ball and club data. Four ways to connect. A touch screen display that’s easy to read indoors and out. Add it all up and you’ve got the ultimate personal launch monitor.


GC3 Golf Simulation

Never miss a round or practice session again and experience a superb true-to-life golf simulation experience for any-time, any-weather golf.

The GC3 Launch Monitor with the FSX software (included) makes the GC3 the perfect launch monitor to place at the heart of you home simulator. 


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Please don't arrive at the demo centre without an appointment - we might be out on an installation or at an event! If you give us a few basic details and let us know when suits you best for a visit, we will be back to you with some appointment options.
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Gameplay As Real As It Gets

FSX Play is the next evolution of true-to-life graphics in golf simulation. With a whole new graphics engine, you’ll experience the game like never before. Rich textures, 3D grass, enhanced lighting, updated UI and HUD, and ultra-smooth gameplay make you feel like you’re on the course.

Order Your GC3 Online Today

If you have already decided that the GC3 is the Launch Monitor for you, they are ready to ship from our Belgard Road Office.

Prices include VAT as well as free delivery anywhere in Ireland, and because we are Irish, there are no Brexit related surprises when your delivery arrives!

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