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  • 8 Birtee Pro Golf Tee’s

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    8 Birtee Pro Golf Tee’s

    *Single or Double Packs Available.*

    The Birtee Pro Golf Tee’s are the perfect tee’s to use with your golf simulator, or out on the driving range, or on the golf course…basically anywhere you play, they make a great addition to any golfers bag.

    The unique design makes them ideal for simulators as they sit on top of the “ground”, and because there are 8 different sizes (one of each in the pack), from 0.25″ through to 2″, you can use them with all your clubs including drivers, woods, hybrids and irons.

    Traditional golf tees simply don’t work well in golf simulators, they’re inconsistent and can fly backwards when pressed into the mat. Tees flying backwards can really be a safety hazard when used in a golf simulator as there are often spectators behind the player. The BirTee Pro design means that they move forward when struck, not backwards. When you go pick up your ball, pick up your BirTee at the same time!

    This same safety feature means that even if you are just using a golf net or similar practice aid without a simulator, the Birtee is still the safer choice.

    If you are buying a set of Birtees for use with your home simulator, different colours work best with different platforms:

    For the GC3, SkyTrak, and Uneekor the white tees and light colors may cause misreads, so go with the black or dark blue.

    White works well for the Mevo range, TruGolf, Trackman, and the Garmin R10

    If you are buying your Birtee for use in the real world, just follow your heart.

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    SALTED Golf Smart Insoles

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    SALTED Golf Smart Insoles

    SALTED Smart Insoles with SALTED Golf app available on iOS and Android

    With the SALTED Insoles patented pressure sensor technology, a user’s gait pattern, bodyweight, balance, foot pressure, and muscle movement can be accurately measured.

    When paired via Bluetooth with the SALTED Golf app on your smartphone or tablet, the result is an intelligent personalized golf coaching solution that will help improve your game.

    Use it for

    • Use it for Training: Foot pressure and center of pressure (C.O.P.) measurements are available in real time for checking swing balance and posture.
    • Use it for Coaching: Teaching aids such as a drawing tool and audio recording are available to help keep track of each student’s progress.

    Just 1 pair of size Small left!

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